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Is Copying Big Problem in Universities?

As a student, you might not know a lot what happens in the teacher’s lounge or private offices of the dean and lecturers. However, the life behind closed doors of the educators is no less interesting than what goes on in the campus or hallways. For example, students might have 0 clues about how important a copy checker for universities, colleges, schools is.

Plagiarism across the world is spreading. Like a disease, it corrupts the conscience and honesty of members in various academic communities. Some see it as an easy way out of completing a difficult assignment, others just poorly manage their time and have no other choice. Whatever the cause, colleges, schools as well as the most prestigious universities around the world struggle against plagiarism, copying or duplication (call it as you like).

That is mainly because those educational institutions are always behind in IT and technological solutions. In recent times, however, they are starting to catch up and implementing the use of copy checker for universities and schools have proven to be great. If you look at the statistics of educational organizations before and after installing plagiarism checkers, the numbers will tell a wonderful story. Evasion of plagiarism decreases significantly while the hunt for copycats becomes more successful.

So, all in all, we can clearly say that plagiarism is a big problem in universities and schools. However, the tendency of its growth is diminishing and we can expect it to be eradicated or at least more contained in the near future. As universities become more modern, cheaters don’t have a spot under the sun anymore.