A caring and comforting school

My wife died when my daughter was just four. She took it very hard and became a very quiet and sullen child. Her teachers advised me to take her for counseling but even that didn’t seem to help. After three years, I moved to Bangalore to be closer to family. Even being closer to family didn’t help her come out of the shell she seemed to have gone into. After visiting many schools, I decided to enroll her in Candor International School.  Though the school was very big almost 20 acres the school was new and just had 200 students. So I thought the small number of students would make her feel less intimidated.

At first there wasn’t much difference. She was still quiet but slowly I found her starting to talk more, draw, paint and make and play with friends in the new apartment complex. I was extremely curious and wanted to know what had changed. So one weekend I went across to meet her class teacher. Her teacher had also noticed the difference and said that my daughter had befriended another student who also experienced a loss of a parent recently. Both the girls bonded immediately. That student somehow worked through her pain and now was helping my daughter through hers.  I was shocked. I mean how much help can a seven-year-old be? Then I discovered that the other student used to regularly see the Candor counselor and a few times, my daughter had also gone along with her. Though I can’t fathom why she found her family unapproachable I am happy she found a listening ear and someone to help her through the pain.

In just four months there was such a tremendous change in her life. I know she will always miss her mother but she’s starting to become her old self.  She even told me the other day that just the two of us should go for a holiday somewhere.

The teacher’s have been so patient with her – they have neither pitied nor patronized her. As a parent I’m extremely thankful for schools that go beyond academics and can care about the emotional wellbeing as well.  To see my daughter happy and smiling again is the best gift I could receive. Parents don’t just put your children in any school but choose a school like Candor that genuinely cares.

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